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KWYR Agriculture
We at KWYR are proud to serve the community with local agriculture information. We know that agriculture is vital to the local community, therefore; we strive to provide you with the latest information that affects our area.

We've been in contact with everyone from the powers that be on the national and state level to local ag producers, covering an array of topics ranging from Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy to bull sales to agriculture issues that affect you, the producer.

Throughout the week, we provide you with various programs that cover all aspects of agriculture. Here are some of the programs you can expect to hear:

-Prairie Traders Market Reports
-Highmore Elevator Reports
-Harvest USA
-Headcatch (R-CALF USA)
-Tally Book (SD Stockgrowers)
-Loos Tales
-Talk Rodeo
-Sandhills Cattle Association
-Sioux Falls Stockyards
-South Dakota Cattlemen's Association
-Successful Farming
-Dakota Farm Talk
-Territorial Rodeo Update

We also provide you with the latest AG News that affects the daily lives of local producers, listen Monday through Friday at 3:20pm.

KWYR Radio
PO Box 491
Winner, SD 57580

Phone: (605) 842-3333
Phone: 1-800-388-5997
Fax: (605) 842-3875

Thanks for listening to Radio For The Heartland, Country 1260.

Upcoming Livestock Sales

Bassett Livestock Auction

Platte Livestock Auction
The Platte Livestock Market will hold a big, special feeder sale this Wednesday, April 1st with 5,000 head in the offering. Weighups sell at 9:30am, baby and started calves at 12:30pm.

Burke Livestock Auction
The Burke Livestock Auction will hold a special heifer and bred cow sale this Saturday, April 4th. Go to

Winner Livestock Auction
The Winner Livestock Auction will hold a special bred cow, heifer, pair, hay, sheep and goat sale, along with the Novotny Angus and Brozik Angus bull sales this Friday, April 3rd. Sheep and goats sell at 9am, weighups at 9:30am, hay at noon, breeding bulls at 12:30 and bred cattle at 2:30pm.

Gregory Livestock Auction
The Gregory Livestock Auction will hold their monthly horse sale on Tuesday, April 7th with tack selling at 12:30 and 75 to 100 head of horses at 1pm.

Presho Livestock
The Presho Livestock Auction will hold a slaughter cattle sale on Thursday, April 2nd. Sale time is 11am.

Fort Pierre Livestock

Valentine Livestock
The Valentine Livestock Auction will hold a special feeder sale this Thursday, April 2nd at 12:30pm with 4,200 head in the offering.

Chamberlain Livestock Auction

Bull Sales

The 43rd annual Thomas Ranch Bull Sale is on Tuesday, April 14th at 1pm at the Thomas Ranch sales facility. Lunch at 11:30.

Brozik Angus Ranch 4th annual production sale is Friday, April 3rd at 12:30pm at the Winner Livestock Auction. They're selling 35 registered yearling black angus bulls. Call David at 208-8106.

The 23rd annual Novotny Angus bull sale is at a new sale date of Friday, April 3rd at 1pm at the Winner Livestock Auction. Go to

The 26th annual Prarie Valley Farm Charolais bull sale is Saturday, April 11th at 1pm at the Platte Livestock Market. Selling 40 yearling and 20 fall bulls. Call (605) 680-0780.

Jorgensen Land and Cattle will hold their 43rd annual production sale on Monday, April 20th at 1pm at the Winner Livestock Auction. Go to

A&B Cattle will hold their annual bull sale on Thursday, April 2nd at 1pm at the ranch South of Bassett. They're selling 130 angus bulls including 110 yearlings.

The Oakwater Ranch/Rocking Arrow 32nd annual bull sale is Tuesday, April 14th at 1pm at the Valentine Livestock Auction. They're selling 95 yearling charolais bulls.

The 18th annual Ma & Pa angus bull sale is Monday, April 27th at 1pm at the Presho Livestock Auction. Go to

The Fortune Cattle Company is selling 15 virgin two year olds on Monday, April 27th, following the Ma and Pa bull sale at the Presho Livestock.

The Mowery Ranches 23rd annual range ready bull sale is Friday, April 17th at 1pm Central time at the Fort Pierre Livestock Auction. They're selling 75 performance tested yearling black angus bulls.

Peterson's L7 Bar Limousin invites you to their 37th annual production sale on Wednesday, April 8th at 1pm at the ranch near Pukwanna. They're selling 47 yearlings, 7 - 18 month olds and 6-open heifers.

Local News


December 5, 2012
Update on Beef Plant in Aberdeen...
Check it out...

December 4, 2012
Fatal fire in western South Dakota...
Find out where the blaze occured...

November 30, 2012
Brookings ag laboratory celebrating one year anniversary today!
Open House to be held for the anniversary...

November 29, 2012
South Dakota drought conditions have worsened over the week
Checkout the numbers...

November 28, 2012
Prairie Dog plague...
Disease confirmed in Fort Pierre...





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